Update - 2011:

2011 marks the 5th year of the Change for Children project initiative.  By the end of this year, each of the 8 ICDC units will have been operational for at least 5 years.  During this time, much effort has been expended in capacity building and development initiative to enable the responsible communities and committees to take on an increasing and more active role in the administration of each unit.  We are happy to report that as of January, 2011, each unit is independently operational and actively engaged in generating its own income and/or sourcing for the same through local means.

As we continue to monitor the progress of each ICDC unit, we also continue training initiatives related to capacity building and efficient functioning of community committees.  Mark Okello (pictured left), our Change for Children coordinator, is available at each site one every term (3 times annually) to conduct evaluation and training with the committees.  Mark is also available to discuss further ideas related to income generation that each unit might have.  Once a proposal has been thoroughly evaluated, Africa Exchange wild consider assisting the community to implement the particular project as a means of further enhancing income generation, educating the community towards sustainable environmental practice and enhancing local food security. Such additional projects are conducted through our Development Initiatives program and are initiated on a case by case basis according to the needs, desires and capacity of local communities to efficiently manage such projects.

During this period as the transition towards full local sustainability is realized, we endeavor to continue with inputs directly related to child health and education.  These are:

  • Health - malaria prevention through the annual distribution of treated nets and Intermittent Preventative Treatment (IPT) for malaria
    • administration of vitamine A  and micronutrient
    • semiannual deworming treatment
    • provision of UNIMIX or similar daily porridge for enrolled children
  • Education - provision of expendable materials used by each unit for class instruction and teaching including text books, workbooks, exercise books, pens and pencils, etc.
    • continue to provide teachers with the latest available updates to national Early Childhood Education (ECD) curriculum

In the next weeks, we endeavor to update available information and progress at each of the sites listed below.  Bear with us!



CONSEP:  Community Operated Nursery School Enhancement Project



ICDC:  Integrated Child Development Center


Rift Valley Province


Eastern Province

North Eastern Province

Coast Province

Central Province

Western Province

Nyanza Province