Part of our goal at Africa Exchange is to provide opportunities for you to engage the world through life-sustaining activities that will make a difference in your life and the lives that you touch.  Each of the project items below represent material resources that are integral to both our Change for Children and Development Initiative programs and will help make life better in marginalized communities.  We encourage you to utilize our web-based donation process to make contributions toward a selected item.  Just click on "donate now" at the right and don't forget to make a designation regarding your support preference.  THANKS!!


In order to ensure proper nutrition for children that attend our Integrated Child Development Center (ICDC) units, we provide a fortified porrige mix during snack time each day as well as additional micro-nutrient where indicated.  We also encourage the community to provide a hot meal at lunch each day.  Meals are from ingredients either purchased or grown locally.  Our desire is to produce as much of this food as possible at the local level. To that end, we facilitate training at the community level in basic agronomy, garden layout and managment, provision of necessary tools, water tanks, drip irrigation system, nursery shade netting and, where applicable, a green house.  Not only does this assist each ICDC unit with its food requirements, it provides a demonstration to community members on sustainable agricultural practice.

Kitchen Garden Project:  Average sized (1/4 acre) garden with water tank, drip irrigation kit, and nursery shade

Suggested donation:  $1500 for complete kit





One of the ongoing challenges at each ICDC is maintaining the feeding programs that ensure each child receives at least one nutritious meal per day. While the capacity is being built at each center to grow and purchase food for the children, UNIMIX is a nutritional supplement that when given to the children in the morning helps them stay alert and focus on education rather than on being hungry.  Our goal is to provide UNIMIX at each center so that each child can begin his or her day with sufficient nutrition.


          Uji Feeding project:  10 kg. of Uji special mix = $12

Suggested Donation:  $200 provides daily snack for 80 children for one school term




An amazing thing happens when an acre of land is fenced. With goats kept out, the grass grows, tree seedlings take off, a garden can be planted and the area generally allowed to recover and flourish. We use treated timber from seasonably grown Eucalyptus plantations for the posts and the fencing is locally produced wire mesh and barbed wire.


Fencing Project: $5 per running meter for 5" x 7' treated post, barbed wire and chainlink

Suggested Donation:  $1000 to fence 1/4 acre kitchen garden




Several parts of Kenya present ideal locations for bee keeping and honey sales as a micro-income generating project. Five of our Integrated Child Development Centers (ICDCs) are located in such regions. These are, Garissa, Longeiwuan, Wamaganga, Nakwijit and Ngerenya. At or near to each of these ICDCs we have established a bee-keeping unit, complete with hives, stands, bee suits, extraction equipment and training sessions. Honey sales from these projects provide income towards the payment of teacher’s salaries.  As these projects prove to be successful, community members may choose to adopt the practice to provide further income for their families.


As each community becomes proficient in management of the beehives we hope to continue to support the communities by providing additional hives to increase income generation.  African Bee Keepers, Ltd. provides training and the supply of the hives and equipment necessary for this enterprise. Honey from all projects is purchased and sold through our “bee-cause” label, all profits returned to the respective project units.


Bee Keeping Project:  One hive (complete with stand): $100




To help tackle food security issues and help generate income for communities the government of Kenya is encouraging fish farming across the country.  At two ICDC centers, Ngerenya and Ulungu, the communities identified fish farming as a necessary component of their centers to generate income.  Working with these communities we installed a fish-pond at each of the centers.  This has proved a promising project that we hope to reproduce at other sites.  To that end, we are seeking assistance to enable us to purchase the needed requirements for additional fish ponds.

         Fish Farming project: 

    • Pond liner for one 15 x 15 meter pond:  $1000
    • Tilapia fingerlings per pond:  $100
    • Three bags of fish meal:  $50




The amount of forested land in Kenya has declined from 20% at independence to a measly 3% currently. Factors include high pressure on available arable land, population increase and the use of fuel wood for cooking including conversion of trees to charcoal. Deforestation has a devastating effect on the climate as well as soil erosion and runoff.  Your gift will help us establish a tree nursery at each of our Integrated Child Development Center (ICDC) units, distributing trees at the local level as well as educating the community on the importance of creation care.


Tree Nursery Project: includes fencing, shade netting and small water tank:  $1000




At each of our Integrated Child Development Centers (ICDCs) we endeavor to provide a full set of resource materials for teachers according to the established government curriculum for Early Childhood Development.  At the beginning of each year, we add to these requirements by replenishing consumable supplies and take-home materials for children including workbooks, coloring books, modeling clay, cut-outs, etc.  These materials provide 80 children with necessary ingredients to enhance their educational experience.


Educational Materials Project:  $750 per ICDC unit each year