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Development Initiatives



September, 2014


Among other things this month was a road trip to Beni, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, via Uganda, at the invitation of Congo Initiative.  I continue to be amazed at the beauty and abundance of this equatorial region.  Seeing piles and piles of timber awaiting transport from DRC to the East, however, left me wondering how long this abundance will last.  I share some related reflections here .  Sam Harrell






August, 2014


The completion of a permanent church / multipurpose hall to serve the Nakwijit community was heralded by the entire community as a milestone.  The moderator of the Baptist Convention of Kenya, Rev. Elijah Wanje, was on hand to officiate at the dedication ceremony. 





Our annual seminar this year focused on the teachers at each of our educational units.  Teachers are the backbone of these programs and are often the unsung heroes as they daily and together meet the needs of over 600 children across the country.  We are so grateful for their dedication and do all we can to help hone their skills and provide support.




July, 2014


We continue our rennovation process at existing ICDC units.  The windmill structure at Ulungu (built by others) needed major rennovation which we carried out successfully to enable the children, the community and various projects to have the water they need.




June, 2014


Not all projects are successful.  After months of planning, technical surveys, permits and mobilization, our attempts to find water in Kasei through drilling did not bear fruit. We pulled the drilling rig out after two attempts of around 100 meters. 




Now we are focusing on other ways to help the community through construction of two classrooms for their Early Childhood Development program that will replace the existing structure that has served them up to this point.





April / May, 2014


Read this reflection from the VP of the Africa Exchange Board of Directors, Beth McMahon, on her recent experience in Kenya.





January - March, 2014:  Lots Going On!


The last three months have been busy ones indeed with developments in each of our program areas.  New Kitchen Units completed at 4 ICDCs, partner team visits and ongoing construction projects are keeping us on our toes.


The gallery below gives an idea of what this all looks like: